3D Image on the ARTAS® System

Included in your free hair restoration consultation for patients in Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island!

What will you look like with a full head of hair again? Come in for a free consultation and find out!

With the cutting-edge ARTAS® Hair Studio Technology that we use here at RHRLI, you can get a visual of what you will likely look like after your hair transplant procedure. With the ARTAS® System, we use your personal photographs and your selected hair transplant design to create a 3D model of the expected results.

Before this technology, hair transplant patients simply had to use their own imaginations when trying to get an idea of how they would look with their newly transplanted hair. Even then the images patients would see might stray from what the actual results would be. Today, we can provide you with a free hair restoration consultation with an accurate 3D modeling imaging to assist you with your decisions concerning your procedure.

With 3D imaging, you can compare the potential results based on various factors, such as:

    • The number of grafts placed
    • Hair distribution and placement
    • Hairline design

3D Image using the ARTAS® hair transplant System from RHRLI

Making the Right Choices for Your Hair Restoration Procedure

This advanced technology takes the guesswork out of important decisions related to your Long Island robotic hair restoration procedure. Because the fullness of your hair and the design of your hairline will play a major impact on your appearance, it is important that you use every resource possible to choose hair restoration plan that works best for you. With our system you can accurately view what your restored hair will look like, and it will be reproduced so you can experience life with a full head of hair again! We’ll even come to your location if you can’t find the time to make it to an in-office consultation. So contact us today to schedule your free consultation with 3D modeling.