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Motorcycle Helmets
Helmets, Ball Caps and Hair Loss
Many issues can cause hair loss, from genetics and hormones to medication to tight hair styles. We’ve already examined the
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National Organ Donor Day
Organ Donation and Hair Loss
After genetics and hormones, which are factors in male/female pattern hair loss, illness and medication side effects are key factors
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Man wearing a winter hat
Can You Go Bald From Wearing Hats?
Hair loss is surrounded by myths. Everything from sunshine and shampoo to your mother has been blamed for hair loss.
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Traction Alopecia
Facts About Traction Alopecia
Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss, but it can come in many forms. The most common form of
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Asian hairline
Androgenetic Alopecia in Asian People
  As the name implies, androgenetic alopecia, the medical name for male (or female) pattern baldness, has a genetic component.
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Man shopping for hair products
Best Products to Use Post-Procedure
Robotic FUE hair restoration is a permanent process and once you’re fully healed you can use any hair products you
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happy smiling man with full head of hair giving a thumbs up
Psychology and Hair Loss
Looking your best is integral to your confidence and self-esteem. When hair loss occurs, it can have a negative impact
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Snow in a man's hair during the winter
9 Winter Hair Care Tips For 2019
Winter can take a toll on your hair, scalp, and skin. Fortunately, you don’t have to live all winter with
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Woman with hair loss from chemotherapy
What You Don’t Know About Cancer and Hair Loss
After male/female pattern hair loss, cancer is a very well-known reason for hair loss. But is it really? What people
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hair restoration for people with hiv aids
Are People with HIV Good Candidates for Hair Restoration?
Modern HIV treatment means people are living longer than ever with AIDS, which is wonderful. It also means that classic
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